Clean, funny romantic comedy with a recipe

I was talking to someone on the phone the other day, and they told me their book club likes to make a recipe from their book-of-the-month. And I thought, I need to include my recipe for Easy Chocolate Mousse to my clean and funny romantic comedy book. (If you haven't checked out the Villain's cookbook from Baker's Dozen, you need to.)

The Swiss Mishap is a New Adult, clean and funny romantic comedy.  Lainey goes to Switzerland expecting to work as an intern in the chocolate department, but instead winds up in Pet Care. She loves chocolate and hopes to get a recommendation there. Her hot boss makes her talk to people all day about pets until she speaks with a pastry chef who gives her a recipe for chocolate mousse. Of course, she's supposed to be talking about pets, so her boss isn't happy with her, and she leaves without getting the rest of the recipe...

So here I am sharing with you the recipe I brought home from Europe:

Easy Chocolate Mousse for 6 people

Easy chocolate mousse
30 g. Butter (2 Tbls.)
80 g. Sugar (3/4 c.)
175 g. (6 oz) of chocolate (milk or dark), chopped
4 eggs separated

Beat eggs and sugar together mixer until soft peaks form. Melt butter and chocolate in a double boiler until just melted. Add egg yolks one by one, stirring with a wooden spoon. Remove from heat, and allow to cool. Fold in egg whites. Refrigerate before serving for best results.

If you didn't know, I lived in Switzerland in my twenties as a missionary. I love Switzerland. Ever since I was nine, I wanted to live there. I love the people, the culture, and the country.

I am really looking forward to sharing this book with you. It really has my heart. If you love clean funny romantic comedies, this is for you! Stay tuned for a cover reveal and release date!


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