Why I write comedy

Why I love to write funny books

One dark January day after I had my third child, I was in the throes of Post-Partem Depression. Mix baby blues with the grays of January and you get a terrible color. Thankfully, we had a family tradition of going to the library on Saturdays. While there, I was browsing the Young Adult fiction and I came across a book, a third in a series. I had read the first book previously and wasn't impressed enough to pick up the second. However, I opened the third book and started reading and it was pure yumminess. It had a light-hearted love story, fun action-adventure and comedy. It was like eating after a fast or melting shaved ice on your tongue during a hot day. It was delicious to me. It hit the sweet spot in my brain. I was so rude to the people who came to dinner that night. I literally opened the door with the book in hand, waved them in and went back to reading.

It was healing

To me, laughter is healing. Fiction connects us with people, with humanity. Even more than film, fiction in book form gives us compassion. It helps us to see the world from a different point of view, experience a different life. Walk in the proverbial shoes of someone else. I lived another life between those pages.

And I wanted to do that for other people.

Books change us

Do you have a book you reread often because it is just so well-written that even though you've read it a thousand times it still makes you feel something? I have a list of my favorites. Princess Bride is one of them. I love it because it is again, the comedy, action-adventure and it has a love story. 

What is your favorite funny lines from Baker's Dozen or from any other book?

What's a book you love that you read and reread?


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