The Verdict Is In!

I've often mused about what I write on this blog, and I finally got the official word: I write adventurous cozy mysteries. Sound soft and warm? One you could wrap up in? Well, it is.

What exactly is a cozy mystery? I'm glad you asked. And how is that different than, say, a police procedure? Good question. I will give you a definition.

Police procedure: Think of all the gore, sex and drama of a show like CSI with hardened criminals and jaded investigators supported by a team of experts.

Cozy mystery: All the suspense and drama of a mystery leaving out the sex and gore.

Sleuths are often amateurs relying on instinct, intelligence and intuition rather than formal training.

But most of the cozies I know are in small towns, but I write cozy mysteries/adventure because my protagonists must go to great lengths and distances to solve the case,.

And then there's romance.

And humor.

I really can't write anything that doesn't have these elements because it is what I love. But you probably already knew that about me.

So if you're looking for a good mystery, without sex, violence and gore with a bit of humor and romance, stay tuned for my first novel.

Looking for more examples of cozy mysteries, here's a Goodreads link.

What would you like to see in a cozy mystery?


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