When I started writing, I knew exactly who my audience would be--18-26 year old girls (women?).  I think I chose that age group because, for me, those years harbour some of the best memories, college, dating for long term potential, working and juggling all three.  There were some hard struggles too--heartbreaks, disappointments--but also some real growth, living in two foreign countries, overcoming fears, finding my strengths.  I want to write for girls this age, give them encouragement, share in their adventure, help them through these college and early work days.  The only problem is that up until recently, there wasn't really a genre that fit these themes.  Chick lit tended to be, in my opinion, vapid, full of selfish frivolity, stories that centered around drinking and getting laid.  I want to write stories with more depth, purpose and uh, morality.  Adult books seemed to focus on themes that were just not right: divorce, redemption, recovery, reconciliation.  There was a gap in literature from YA to straight adult literary fiction.  Where did that leave my niche?

Well, now I am totally stoked because I just found out that there is an emerging genre of New Adult fiction aimed at this age group with those goals in mind!  Hopefully, I can find a place for my stories of girls rising to the occasion, overcoming career obstacles and meaningful love. Yay!  Yay! Yay!  My gut was right!  People do want these kind of stories!  I'll keep you posted as I now try to query agents mentioning this new genre!


  1. I'm happy with this new genre as well. I look forward to reading your story someday!


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