House or Spouse?

My sister is in the middle of house hunting this spring.  And as I listen to her talk about the pros and cons of each property she visits, I can't help but think:  House hunting is like spouse hunting!

No one/no property is perfect.  Each house she looked at had some good qualities--great view, good locations, perfect master suite, wood floors.  But each of them had some flaws too--no garage, yard wasn't landscaped, needs updated electrical, new roof needed!  When we are dating, each of us date "potential properties."  Each of us has our own strengths--has a great sense of humor, likes children, is responsible.  But in turn, each of us also has our own weaknesses too--always late, critical of others, has "questionable" family members.

Each pro and con should be examined before greater commitment.

For example, wood floors are beautiful but require a lot more care, shows dints and scratches and are damaged easily by water.  Foundation cracks are hard to repair (and expensive!) while almost anyone can paint a room.

I think what we are all looking for is something that we can live with.  Some people like gut rehabs (draw your own parallels of what this looks like in a relationship) and some people want a move-in-ready house with little effort to redecorate.  The point is, see its potential but then after you commit, you have to be happy with your choice and not try to make your house into something it's not.  Some things are easier to live with even if they can't be fixed.

What can you commit to?


  1. That's spot-on! I wonder what kind of house Dallin saw in me... haha! ;)

    1. A great one! Glad you're ok with "questionable" family members, ahahah!

    2. He probably saw a great foundation and lots of great features!

  2. One comment: find me a family that has no "questionable" family members,and I'm going to think that the family isn't real!

    1. True, true! There is definitely a spectrum for family ills, everybody's got to put up with a little crazy, as long as you're the same type of crazy it all works out, I guess!


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