Be Grateful for the Little Things

I think one of my  most favorite things in the whole world is seeing a baby's face fresh and clean from a bath.  I love the shine of the cheeks, the eye lashes clumped together in an organic mascara.  I am so grateful I can stay home and enjoy the "little things" in life.  Honestly, I'm having a tear-jerking week and it's only Tuesday.  But I'm trying so hard to meet these challenges with faith and hope and not get bogged down by things out of my control. 

Little things I'm grateful for today:
--baby giggles
--a toilet trained son
--my son's smiles, they really do lift my day
--the word REMEMBER. I love John Barry's quote:  God gave us memories so that we can have June roses in the December of our lives.  We all hit lows, we can all look back at the time when God has shown his mercy and remember that we are not alone.
--Costco pizza, because that's what we're having for dinner tonight and I don't have to cook
--compassion, because it makes suffering worth it to understand other people and to lighten their burden
--anything that makes me laugh.  I am a almost daily reader of the comics, I love reading them, it makes me happy.

Anyway, I know there are people out there going through some really hard things, harder than my week, for sure.  This is just my way to make sure I don't let my trials overcome me.  I hope you have a way to keep life from getting the best of you.  If you'd like to share what you're grateful for or ways to keep discouragement at bay, I'd love to hear it.


  1. Music always makes me smile. Old songs. Like right now Journey is on the radio singing Don't Stop Believin. How can I not smile when I'm singing along to that one. And though I can't dance, dancing crazy in my living room always makes me feel better.

    Oh and reading my friends' blogs!

  2. Thanks Christine :) I like rockin' out to music, too! I used to do that every Friday at college when I got home to start the weekend!


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