Dating, the most painful fun!

I've been thinking about the dating relationship again, I think because, as I have mentioned before, I have several friends in the dating stage of life. What a great stage! So full of possibilities, but so many choices. But when it comes to making decisions of whom to marry, it can be daunting. If you are lucky, there are so many good choices out there. Shifting through the better and best choices can be like navigating through Costco on a Saturday afternoon, painful but necessary. There are some obviously bad choices. Those make life easy. I dated a guy who repeatedly called me fat. (In case you don't know I weigh 116 dripping wet--that's pounds not kilos!) That one, I let go without so much as a tear or a sniffle. But I dated some really awesome guys. One had chrome skull gear shifts in his custom souped up Nissan pick up truck he used for "roading" and turning "broadies."* He was a TON of fun!! He listened to Metallica and was reading the Hobbit. He was a cool guy and asked me to a dance when I was going through a painful relationship break up, a Godsend I will always be thankful for. But I didn't marry him. We parted as friends. The choices to let the awesome guys go were tougher. There were several guys that I could've been happy married to, but for one reason or another they "got away." I could give more examples, but I guess my point is this and I'm going to put it in all caps so if you just happen to breeze into my site, I want you to read this if nothing else: YOU DON'T MARRY EVERYBODY YOU LOVE!!!!! It's impossible. I have loved lots and I have loved deeply. Sometimes you have to let people go, even ones you love. If you are lucky, you get to spend eternity with the one you love the best, just make sure it's not the one who insults your weight. *look up broadie in


  1. I totally agree. I have loved lots of guys in my life, and still probably love them as much as I did when I had a "crush" on them or was going with them. The thing is, I MARRIED the one that I loved the MOST! With each guy I dated I became more selective and liked them better than the last or else I dropped them. My hubby is STILL my BEST friend. The others I got tired of, but I don't get "tired" of him. I can definitely be myself with him and he loves me anyway! RSD


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