Cultural Literacy

A few years ago, my hubby challenged me to read the first Twilight book. I took it with me on a flight and I did read the whole thing. Maybe it was because I'd already seen the movie, maybe it was my pride, but I couldn't get into it. It bored me. I decided I wasn't going to read anymore and be content consuming the content via the movies and that was that. Then, a few weeks ago, my friend lent me the rest of the series and told me to read it. I dunno, maybe I'm just one of those people that don't like to follow the crowd, or maybe I rebel against the band wagon, but I really didn't want to read it. But my friend appealed to cultural literacy. She argued that one should read the series just to know what ever one else is talking about. Agreed, I don't have a great deal of cultural literacy in pop culture, I don't watch TV or movies very often and when people were talking about "Lost" a few years ago, I felt it. There is merit to being able to converse with people on a popular culture level, not that I feel a need to go out and watch every movie, every TV show, just so I can connect with people, but I felt pretty stupid when I asked a friend what the Amazing Race was. Even my hubby knew what that was.


  1. I think reading the twilight series is important for cultural literacy -- for mormon women. So many people are saying so many different things, that I like knowing where I stand RE twilight.

  2. People are saying such diverse things. It has intrigued me, that's for sure.


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