'Tis easier to consume than create

So, I'm starting my writing schedule again. I've been too long distracted with summer and company and fun. Time to get serious, or since I write comedy, silly, again. Have you ever had the feeling that you want to live in another world, be complete absorbed, lost from reality? When your life is too complicated, too stressful, too weird to deal with do you need to check out for a while? I do. I think most people need a bit of an escape now and then. Usually when I need that, I read a book because quite frankly, it's darn hard to write. Writing takes brain power, stamina, persistence, diligence and much more. Reading, or worse, watching TV, only requires a pair of eyes. So why bother writing when 1-there is so much to consume and 2-it is much easier to consume than to create. Well, I want to write stories that interest me, that explore my ideas, that help me to string out my thoughts, examine them and make sense of them. It's so interesting. There are things I find out about myself as I write, sometimes deep hidden secrets that scare me. I've uncovered a whole new me, and that discovery makes all the work worth it.


  1. Oh it is so true. I read sooooo many blogs, and I don't write one myself, much less write anything like books like you do! But my writing abilities are weak weak weak. And reading and television are so much easier =)

  2. My writing has improved only with daily habit. Just for that, I am thankful.


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