Problem with Chick-lit

I ran into a problem. I'm rewriting the ending of my first chick-lit I think could actually be publishable. But I get to the end and I'm fighting worldly expectations of an intimate scene at the end. It's gotta happen right? It's a romance. They've got to at least kiss, right? Kissing, I can handle, sexual tension, I can handle. But sex before marriage? Sure, I could write it in a tasteful way, but really, I don't want to champion a behavior in my heroine that I would not (morally) do myself. Two options, scrap it start on something new, forget it until the Victorian Age revolution happens, or I can turn it into a Christian romance. Is there any other solution and still feel right in my conscience?


  1. pretty sure there's plenty of successful, non-christian chick lit that doesn't end in sex before marriage (coughTwilight)! So, do what feels right for the story.

    If you want to show deeper intimacy than a kiss, you could try to find a different way to show that, whether emotionally or physically. Study some of your favorite non-sexual intimate moments. Remember some of your favorite non-sexual intimate moments. Playful? secret handshake. Poignant? Back rub, gift of jewelry or other clothing he puts on her. Anyway, these are some ideas.

    Ok, I'll stop with the unsolicited advice. Let me know if you want more ideas!

  2. I have met very few women who don't love a good Jane Austen novel. And none of them ever complain that Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy don't "get down tonight" before marriage. Plus, you know well enough, intimacy is not limited to the bedroom!

  3. I'm no author, but I agree with the first commenter, Twilight did amazing with sex after marriage. It also made me more comfortable as a reader.

  4. Good thought about Twilight, but it's not chick-lit as a genre, it's YA urban fantasy/romance. Totally different. Young adults should not be hopping into bed--ever! However, the publishing industry thinks that two consenting adults is not only ok, but expected.


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