Fraud Writer

So I feel funny telling people I'm a writer because one of the first things people ask is, So what have you published? Then I say, well, I haven't published anything. Then they say, what editors are you sending your work to. Oh, I say, I haven't published anything. They give me this knowing look. "You're not a real writer," they think. Aaaaack, I'm a fraud! So, now I feel the need to justify it. Darn it, I didn't major or get in MFA in creative writing. "Uh," I blab. "I write four to six hours a day!" Does it convince them? Maybe if my name was Stephanie Meyer.


  1. Eh, does it really matter what most other people think. There are plenty of people out there that are writers that may never publish. It's not because they aren't good or that their work isn't good. It's because they don't happen to hit all the winning numbers at once. So long as you write and you get something out of it and your audience (even if it's an audience of 1...which I KNOW that your audience is bigger than that!) does too, you are a writer!

  2. Thanks, Christine :) I just feel so foolish sometimes, working so hard on something that doesn't result in immediate income. Oh, wait, that sounds a lot like some other people...


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