writing honestly

I think that the best stories told out there are the ones written honestly. I"m not saying that everything in the story has to be true, because of course, that's what makes fiction, it's fake. When I talk about honesty, I mean that the real feeling comes out. I think this is why books like the Twilight series are a big hit. Stephanie Meyer wrote them with honest emotion. Too many writers think they have to have big and new and interesting words, clever plotting, and sizzling dialogue. Yes, you need all those things, but don't forget to open your heart a little and pour out yourself on the page. Ms. Meyer did that and she succeeded. Now, it takes some courage to write your deepest fears, your sexiest dreams, your worst part of yourself. But it's when we let ourselves go, that we find ourselves and find ourselves connecting with others.

On a different note...don't you hate it when you get a good idea but you are not a good enough writer to pull off your idea. It sucks. I sit here thinking, if someone else were writing this, this would be good as I stumble along with stilted dialogue and hackneyed descriptions. Oh, well, if I don't practice, I can't get any better.


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