So, I read this blog entry on why I should write because I have a passion, not because I want to make money by publishing.

I thought that was the stupidest thing ever! I mean, you should do whatever you do (work etc) because you love it. If you aren't, then you are in a temporary job. But what gets me is that he makes the argument that you shouldn't write or just write to get published. Maybe he's trying to rationalize why he's not published or discourage people from trying to have their work published. But to that I say, that's like telling someone who has studied a role in theater, went to every rehearsal, went through the make up and costume routine never to perform. Nobody would want to do that, even if they loved theater. Why? Because part of the passion is sharing. If you don't want to share your craft, you do not have passion.

So, yes, I love to write. Yes, I feel there is personal fulfillment just in the journey. But I have a goal, a destination to achieve and maybe it will never happen, but if that's not my goal, it most surely will not. There are some things you learn only by going to the distance. I will not stop until I have arrived.


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