Two things

One, my son lost my contacts over the weekend, and writing with an old pair of glasses is horrible on the eyes. My glasses are as old as my oldest daughter, nearly six years old. My left eye is so blurry I can't read the screen. Needless to say, that's a little bit of a setback. T'is better than trying to type with nothing to aid my vision. I tried that on a children's book I'm writing and I had to hold my laptop up to my chest to read, then put it down on my lap to type. It was slow going.

Second, I read the newsletter from Writer's Digest talking about scenes. It had some suggestions on how to make my scenes more compelling. Thankfully, I won't have to rewrite major chunks of my story, just add a few lines to make sure my POV character's motivations are clear. But I think that was the magical missing piece keeping my novel from being the NYTBS. I'll work on that tonight.


  1. This would explain the glasses, I was wonderin...

  2. yes, I hate wearing them. I checked out pics of your niece on FB. She's so cute!


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