Thursday, February 7, 2019

Blog Topics

 I always struggle with writing something on my blog. I like journal-ing and have kept extensive journals (if you know me at all, you're probably mentioned in my journal. Isn't that a weird thought?) But for some reason, I really struggle with blog topics.

I would like to be of some use to people out there.

So I have a question: What do you want to hear about from me?

Do you want to hear about my writing process? How to write/get published? Writing tips? Overcoming discouragement?

Would you like to hear about my life? It would make a great cure for insomnia.

Would you like to hear about my struggles? I have struggled with a few things and have managed to find peace. I would only do this if I felt like it would help someone else. I'm rather a private person and prefer a one-on-one method of communication.

Or something else entirely?  Comment below with your suggestions.

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