Friday, June 22, 2012

Sum, Sum, Summer Time!

Bathing suits are hanging in the shower to dry.  I smell the suntan lotion and bug spray when I sniff my kids' skin.  Yup, my favorite season is here: summer!  Long days, sleeping in, BBQ, there is so much to enjoy in summer.  I love it all.  Except one thing:  Getting rid of unwanted body hair.  Can we side with the Europeans on this?  PLEASE?  I dread going out in public in a bathing suit, not because I'm flabby (I am), not because I have stretch marks from three kids (boy do I ever), but because I'm so afraid I've missed that one patch of hair behind my right knee.  Sorry, but I think the Europeans have it right on this one.  I don't understand the logic of why girls have to be hairless and smooth.  That's Hollywood.  That's the airbrushed look.  Why is it that men can strut around with a thick carpet of chest and (ew) back hair and it's okay, sexy even, but if a girl has one curly black hair sticking from her thigh, it's worthy of National Enquirer?

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