Wednesday, January 10, 2018

25 Free (or near free) things to do in Paris

Paris in the Spring

Cathérale de Sacré Cœur
1.Walk along the Seine

2. Listen to the bells of Notre Dame

3. Picnic in the champ de Mars

4. Visit Cathedrals

5. Arc de Triumph

6. Window shop on the Champs Elysee

7. Buy flowers in the flower district

8. Walk around the Eiffel Tower (lift ticket does cost money)

9. Eat like a local, buy fresh

10. Sit in a park

11. Go to Bon Marche (But leave your wallet at home!)

12. Have a hot chocolate at a cafe (I don’t drink coffee)

13. Enjoy a tissane after dinner (I don’t drink tea)

14. Eat a macaron

15. Eat a pastry

16. Buy a baguette from the shop that won the competition that year

17. Walk in the Jardins to Luxemburg

Me trying a beauty mask
18. Stumble upon some cool quiet spot just by wandering the streets of Paris on foot

19. Buy a book at Gilbert Jeune on the Left Bank

20. Eat a crepe from a stand

21.Go shopping at the Rue de Trivoli

22. Shop for French lingerie

23. Shop for French fashions

24. Buy a little Eiffel Tower from a street vendor

Arc de Triumph
25. Shop for makeup at some expensive store

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