Saturday, December 3, 2011

John Flanagan

This Aussi was AWESOME! Now, I'm not usually a big fan of Middle Grade male protag fantasies. I went to his signing because my husband had a meeting that night, so I took our copy of his book to be personalized. But I left Flanagan's presentation thinking I might pick up his books. As he read from his writing, he teared up a bit, getting emotional over these characters he's created. You could tell he was passionate about writing, living and sharing. His series, Ranger's Apprentice is one of my husband's favorite and Flanagan is coming out with a new series, too! So, if you have a ten year old boy in your life, I recommend this! Oh, and PS: It's kind of a funny picture of me because he made me laugh right before the it was taken. He called me a perky American girl!


  1. I'll have to agree with his opinion of you!

  2. That's a super cute picture! And a great recommendation of the series. I'll remember that!


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