For the Criminally Inane

For the Criminally Inane

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


November is National Novel Writing Month. I didn't participate this year. Next year though. One of my writers friends finished his first novel. He can now call himself a novelist :) In my opinion, novels are like running a marathon in stilettos. Writing a good novel is like running in stilettos, wearing an evening gown, and juggling. Great writers make it look so easy. Good novels make me laugh cry and entertain, all while going to the distance!

My favorite novels:

Gone with the Wind
Princess Bride

What are your favorites and why?


  1. Life of Pi--insightful about staying alive under difficult circumstances

    Les Miserables--the justice and mercy play is AWESOME!

  2. I want to read Life of Pi. Have you finished Les Mis?